After Sales Support

At AKYEL Trailer we believe the close of a sale is not the end, but the beginning of a long-term relationship. Giving us the opportunity to show you the  AKYEL Trailer warmth, friendliness, promptness, and commitment to total customer satisfaction.

We have a well trained, friendly, knowledgeable and aboveboard after sales support team, ready to maintain that high level of customer satisfaction we dearly desire.   

Service Points

With our professional local partners and service points all around the world, we are dedicated to keeping your trailer on the road and in first class condition.

Industry Experience

Our accredited Service Points with years of industry experience, are experts in service, repair & refurbishment of all our trailers.

Fast & Professional

We know speed of response and availability of stock are critical to operators. Our after sales support team and service points work together for a fast and professional response.

Original Parts

We have both original parts, and other high quality suitable spare parts from reputable suppliers in stock at our service points.

Your Service Provider

Our customers can also choose a known and trusted service and repair provider of their own, and have their service done there once verified by our team for warranty cover.

Copetitive Prices

For any service and repairs not covered by warranty, all Akyel Trailers are subject to a competitive price guarantee at all our service points.

Akyel Trailers Product Guarantee

Our attention to detail combined with experience and high quality workmanship, is your guarantee of performance. AKYEL Trailers are warranted unconditionally with unlimited km for 2 years against faulty labour and materials.

Contact our support team:

Our After Sales Support team are always ready and happy to help you with any problems , concerns, or technical queries you may have about your trailer. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. 

    24/7 Hotline

    For urgent or any matters that may be troubling you, and you feel our reputable after sales support team or service points haven’t handled promptly, effeciently or sufficiently enough, please give our Export Manager a call on his direct mobile line (+90 532 503 8936).