– AKYEL Trailer manufacture superior quality semi-trailers at competetive prices, in one of the biggest semi-trailer manufacturing countries in the world, Turkey.

– We have over 37 years experience manufacturing semi-trailers, and over 55 years experience in the manufacture of semi- trailer axles and pneumatic brakes.

– The preferred choice of semi-trailer for the transport and logistics industry in Turkey, and plans to be the same in the international arena.

Expert Engineers

The AKYEL family has a long tradition of qualified expert engineers, and only employ the best engineers in the business.

Modern Equipment

We keep up with the times by using advanced equipment and innovative solutions during the production process.

Experienced Workforce

A highly qualified, well trained and experienced workforce and professional management ensures high quality standards.

Marketing Philosophy

We work on the philosophy of  that the best form of advertising is ‘word of mouth’ coming from our customers.








Delivered On-Time

We pride ourselves on delivering semi-trailers that meet the highest quality standards of design, manufacture and finish. We manufacture according to each countries road rules, regulations, laws and any other specific requirements to get our topnotch semi-trailers on the roads all around the world.

Always meeting standards and exceeding expectations of all our customers.

Why Akyel Trailer ?

  • Superior Engineered Quality
  • Delivery On-Time
  • High Production Capacity
  • Cost-Effective Shipments
  • Highly Qualified Personnel
  • After Sales Support
  • Competitive Price
  • 2 Year Unconditional Guarantee
  • Custom-Made Production
  • Fast Aboveboard Communication

A Good Quality Is Not Accidental


Industrial Networking

Over the years we have developed a range of strategic partners 


Production Go-ahead

Every manufacturing process starts with a strict design review


Quality Assurance

AKYEL Trailer stand for quality and durability

Our Manufacturing Facility

Located at a strategic location having good road connectivity, our infrastructure comprises of three manufacturing units, design and management center, machine factory and painting studio, and an open park area. With a 600 m2 design and management center, 3600 m2 machine factory, 800 m2 painting studio, a total of 5,000 m2 manufacturing infrastructure, and 10,000 m2 open park area, in total we operate on 15,000 m2 of land.

Occupational Health & Safety

At  AKYEL Trailer we take the safety of our people and product very seriously. We look after the health & safety of our workforce by creating a safe working environment, according to Turkish occupational health and safety rules, regulations and laws. We look after our workforce and they look after our products.

Export & International

Selling, servicing and supporting our products on several continents is a challenge met daily by AKYEL Trailer Export & International division. Our responsive and knowledgeable After Sales Support team and robust parts and service distribution model, empowers your business to succeed, no matter what the location.

Materials Stock

We always have a sufficient stock of raw steel and procured components of our trailers. We also stock most steel parts already processed by our plasma cutters, bending machines, rolling machines or other precision manufacturing devices.


As always, our trailers were delivered as ordered and on time. Thanks for your support in finding solutions for our company and  delivering another great product. I would highly recommend AKYEL Trailer.

Orient Express

We always have high expectations in quality, reliability and after sales service & support of the trailers we purchase. AKYEL Trailer consistantly meets our expectations and have been a great support over the years.

Royal Carpets

A few years ago we were using other semi-trailer manufacturers, until we heard about AKYEL Trailer. As we heard they were very supportive in every way possible, and made a huge difference to our semi-trailer fleet uptime.

Rinak Logistics

Tipper Dump Semi-Trailers

AKYEL Tipper Dump heavy duty trailers are designed for transporting  stones, rocks, sand, gravel, coal, boulders, grain, wheat, etc. They are  preferred by mining companies which need strong and durable trailers.  Its hard and bending-resistant frame structure provides long-lasting use, and saves users time with its quick release hydraulic system. We manufacture U-type, Box-type and Scrap Metal type Tipper Dump semi-trailers. With orders from our local councils, our U-Type Tipper Dump  trailers are the most popular by far.

Flatbed Semi-Trailers

Flatbed trailers are known for being very versatile and are generally used to carry dry load bulk cargo which are loaded from the top, sides, or rear via pallet transport. As a rule of thumb, flatbeds can carry almost anything that can be stacked or strapped down.
Our AKYEL Flatbed trailer is designed for 20, 30, 40 foot containers with 2,3, or 4 axles accordingly. As always, we are also able to design flatbed trailers to satisfy our customers needs.

Lowbed Semi-Trailers

A Lowbed trailer is a very heavy duty trailer, commonly used in hauling and transporting taller and longer goods and items, has the lowest running height available. The items typically hauled by lowboy trailers are taller than the legal height of items that can be carried by flatbeds, and are usually industrial equipment like bulldozers.
Lowbed trailers have different load capacities, from 20 to 120 ton and uses 2 to 8 axles accordingly A 7.6m / 25’’ well is perfect for hauling most equipment, such as bulldozers.

Livestock Semi-Trailers

AKYEL Livestock trailers, while facilitating the boarding and landing of animals in an effcieient way, offer animals enough space and oxygen to keep them calm and stress free, preventing possible losses during the journey. Our most popular and best selling Livestock trailer is the Livestock Double-Decker trailer. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your livestock transporting requirements.